Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Splitsvilla 5 Finale: Episode preview and Hot photos

Splitsvilla season 5 Finale.

Splitsvilla season 5 aired on 24th June, 2012 at 7pm on MTV lived up to everyone's expectation. I would term it as one of the best Splitsvilla finale as compared to other seasons.

The Splitsvilla finale episode started off with a Quiz competition between the two semifinalist teams i.e. Paras and Akansha vs Nitin and Rupa. Paras and Akansha were deemed  as the winner, they now had to compete against Vroon and Jasmine in the final Competition. Nitin's displayed an outstanding performance in the semifinal task and gained everyone's respect, Paras also commented that Nitin is the strongest Boy in the Splitsvilla 5.

In the final task both the couples had to perform two task, the first round was an obstacle task immediately followed by a balancing task on a sea saw kind off setup wherein the couple had to balance themselves on both the ends and reach the center where a scepter was placed. After a no of attempts, change in rules and physical injures Paras and Akansha were the one to first reach the center and pull the scepter.
Splitsvilla 5 winners Paras and Akansha

Splitsvilla 5 finale

Splitsvilla 5 semifinal

Shivangini Rana Hot

Friday, 11 May 2012

Splitsvilla 5 Photos: Hot and sexy Splitsvilla girls photos

Hot Jasmine photos

Splitsvilla contestant Mandy

Hot and Wild Mandy

Hot Splitsvilla contestants

Mandy hot photos

Splitsvilla contestant Mandy

Splitsvilla Jasmine

Photos of Mandy

Mandy hot photos

Jasmine from Splitsvilla 5

Mandy from Splitsvilla 5

Hot photos of Mandy

Splistvilla 5 Mandy

Splitsvilla 5 Jasmine

Splistvilla 5 Photos

Mandy bikini photos

Mandy hot photos

Splitsvilla 5 bikini photos

Hot photos of Mandy

Mandy hot photos

Rupa Splitsvilla 5 

Splitsvilla 5 Rupa

Hot photos of Rupa

Splitsvilla 5  Rupa

Hot photos of Rupa

Splitsvilla 5  Contestants

Splitsvilla 5 contestants

Splitsvilla 5 Swati hot photos 

Splitsvilla 5 Swati hot photos 

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